I intertwine movement with text in a choreographed arrangement of the body and spoken language to create a mytho-poetic symbol system.

I do it because its fun, I do it to survive, I do it to understand the world; not necessarily in that order.

I want something other than what is assumed to be true to fall out unnoticed.

Scamper across the floor, slide up a pant leg, or into a sock, hop in a purse, nestle in a pocket, get inhaled in a guffaw

I hope for the capacity for metaphor to be unleashed.

I take the words, the movement and the image and mash them up against each other, weave them irrevocably, sort them out in stacks and give them new names. I ask them to surprise me, teach me something new about myself that I didn’t know before. I release them and then see what happens when I beg for their return.

I love words I take them out dancing and we are never the same again. I want to eat them, dangle them over a waterfall set them to sail downstream in a paper boat. I sprinkle them on cereal. I sneeze them, cough them, drape them over my belly and tickle them. I throw them away and get very, very angry with them. We kiss and make up.

I put the words in my body and release them in a rhythm of ragged vocabulary glances. It is a body research where we are unbalanced, analyzed, restructured, constructed, flipped, tossed, tasted, smelled, screamed, whispered. Under the body microscope, in the body Petri dish, and through the flame; boiled in tears, placed on a mountainside in the rain to see what remains.

I look for the construction of moments that are a rhythm of honest, RIGHT THERE-NESS of the performer without pretense contrasted with moments of intimate high theatricality.

I want the work to stimulate the viewer to create metaphor.

I want to create an experience for the audience where they can be engaged in the process of performance, rather than the consumption of the experience.

I want it to matter.

I used to believe that art could change the world. I have come to have faith that art can give us the courage to participate in the creation of the world we want to live in.