Organized in five movements, Salt Marsh Suite is an original video/sound installation and performance. Based on field observation, 3D laser scanning, imagery and sound recordings collected in a North Carolina coastal estuary, the piece connects art and science, weaving the lines between the lives of the marsh animals and plants and the strong environmental (and human) forces that shape their existence. Salt Marsh Suite is a collaborative work designed by visual artist Carol Burch-Brown and Ann Kilkelly. Celeste joined the project in 2017, creating the prelude "Tides".

Most recently Salt Marsh Suite was at the Piedmont Arts Center, Martinsville, VA and at the smithsonian american  history museum.


"I was completely transported by this artwork. I have written much about political art, and about the urge that makes some artists raise contemporary social issues in an attempt to bring about specific change with their creativity. I have watched Kilkelly, Burch-Brown, Miller and Witt over the years do just that with their images, text, movement and sound. Yet now, all in their early sixties, and at this complicated political times in our lives, they are choosing to turn to deep observation of nature and place, and to share the evidence of their profound experience with audiences.” 

--Linda Frye Burnham, review of Salt Marsh Suite, February 2013