Out of all the fairy tales in the Western European lexicon (Grimm Brothers, Perrault, Anderson, Lang) why are only a few, with female protagonists, remade over and over and over and over.  Snow White, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Little Red Riding Hood.  Told in "truthful" retellings, told with updated twists, retold to reinforce the status quo, retold to challenge, to define anew.  “Snow White Retracted” places in front of us a melding of these protagonists – Snow White and Little Red Riding Hood in particular – and attempts to “retract” some of the assumption/presumptions; but ultimately fails. 

"To change the world we have to change the story." 

     --US Dept. of Arts & Culture, NGO

7 minutes of Snippets and moments from the 50-minute "Snow White Retracted"

choreo script available upon request

Photography by John Brady


Version 1, Grinnell College Dance Ensemble, Spring 2008: Lighting and Scenic Design Jeff Fightmaster, Costume Design By Erin Howell-Gritsch

Version 2, Grinnell College Dance Ensemble/ACTivate, Spring 2015: Lighting Design by Chip Gooding, Costume Design By Erin Howell-Gritsch