Celeste Miller (soloist/USA) and Dora Arreola, Artistic Director of Mujeres en Ritual Danza-Teatro (Mexico/USA), received a National Performance Network Creation Fund grant for a three year collaboration to create a physical theatre/dance work with text for three women performers: Dora, Celeste and Miroslava Wilson, artistic director of Pendulo Cero Danza Contemporanea/ Mexico.  Premiere Summer 2019 Art2Action, Tampa, FL.

The work will be created through a multi-site process of building/collaborating in our various locations and with our communities in those places. Iowa, Florida, USA; and Tijuana, Mexico.  


Our goal is to create a full length work for three women performers, versed in dance, physical theatre and spoken word created in devised theatre methodologies. In our process we will be exploring the places and moments we find hope-- in our bodies, in words, in images...  as we bring together our bi-national perspectives in troubling times.

We come together to compost from the HERE NOW.

To compost conjures: death and dying, decay, collapse, rot, blend, merge, foster, nourish, nurture, transformation.  In our work as a creative (composting) team to build this full-length work, we will develop/design improvisation structures to provide a forum for others to come together and explore the ideas through the embodied practices we develop in our collaborative work together. These forums will be part of our creative process, adding to our compost.


It is our hope that the performance work that arises, will serve as a site for audiences to consider “staying in the trouble” (Donna Harraway) in troubling times, cultivating our potential to be response-able as we are required in times of ease as well as in times of turmoil.

Available for touring after Spring 2019.